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How to Avoid being a Noob on Runescape

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  • Be friendly to others and don’t get personal

If you get called a noob, don’t take it personally. This is just a game, not real life, so you should be able to look past taunts or bullies. They are a minority, most of the players are keen to help out and very friendly, but bad behaviour could overwhelm their presence. Try to stay humble and absorb knowledge before flaming or taunting people in duels. Once you get into the swing of things, playing can become a lot easier.

  • Don’t beg or ask for free stuff

Oh god, this is one of the most distinguishable features of a pure-bred noob. Phrases like “Free stuff pl0x” or “Could I get free stuff” are not welcome in the world of Runescape. If you struggle to get money to buy things, there is a fresh alternative to your presumed “Dancing for money” or “Free armour trimming” approaches. It’s purchasing gold for real-life cash. You can buy both OSRS and RS3 gold online. Sites like Probemas have secure payment systems and lots of reviews. If you buy from services like Probemas, you avoid scams and sketchy deals that could steal your money.

  • Complete some quests and get familiar with the map

Quests help in a lot of areas later in the game. Some give great rewards of XP in skills; others give you better awareness of your surroundings. Now for F2P players, try to examine the map as much as possible, but it is pointless just to wander around without anything to do. Open up quest guides and walk from one spot to the other and try to memorise roads, locations of valuable trees and rocks to boost your progress in the future. Quests are mostly entertaining and provide fantastic rewards (sometimes) but could be challenging also.

  • Don’t blame the game or Jagex

Once you get killed by someone in the wilderness or lose a big stake at the Sand casino, flaming could happen. You might look even to quit, but please try to persevere. Problems are caused by your failure, try to admit it and live with it. No one is going to punish or really hurt you. The bottom line – it’s just a game. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s hard to accept them, but once you do, the progress to 99 becomes a lot easier. The game is excellent and if you’re playing it – you know what we mean. Runescape, it has survived for 15+ years and still goes strong to this date so try to keep a cool head and live to see another day.

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